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Skydive for Alzheimers Society

Several weeks ago, after several failed previous attempts due to poor weather, One our supporters, Mandy Strong successfully fulfilled one of life ambitions and conquered her fears to complete her first skydive. 

Mandy contacted Constantia Care, having been a long term supporter of the work we do, and advised us of her skydive and the charity she was raising money for and we felt it was only right to contribute towards her fundraising target of £300.

Following the skydive we caught up with Mandy and asked her all about it:

Why did you choose to do a skydive?

A skydive was always an activity that I wanted to experience but I was always too nervous to book it myself so my husband booked it as a Christmas Present for me!

Why did you choose the Alzheimers Society to raise funds for?

My Father in Law had the condition until he very recently passed away. I thought that as I was hurling myself out of an aeroplane from a great height  I would use this to raise some much needed funds in to researching this terrible illness.

What is your personal experience of this illness?

My husband and I watched the decline of the man we knew into a shell of himself. As he deterioated, he could not remember we had even been in to see him, he could hardly string a sentence together and got distressed easily from all of the confusion he was experiencing. It is horrible to witness.

How much money did you raise?

My target was £300 and I surpassed this and am currently on £370.00.

Can people still donate?

Yes they can. They can donate through the just giving page:

Would you recommend a skydive and Why? 

It was fun, exciting and pushed me beyond my comfort zone!

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