Dementia Care

Delivering ‘person-centered’ Dementia Care focusing on care and support. Dementia Care is tailored to the needs and preferences of each individual.

At Constantia Live-in Care we understand the important factors when living with Dementia. Our professional Dementia care staff seek to maintain regular routine and this is best done whilst remaining within the familiar surroundings of one’s own home.

Reminiscing is something we all do. The older we get, the more likely we are to fall back on our memories to generate those sought after happy moments; regardless of whether we are alone or socialising with friends and relatives. Reminiscence is a perfectly natural activity which can have a great therapeutic effect on Dementia sufferers. Triggers can often bring back those memories that reveal a rich stream of insight and experience that is otherwise hard to bring to the surface.

The person-centered Dementia Care plan will give the care assistant those triggers and allow a meaningful relationship to build with the client.


Dementia Care Pricing

Starting at:

£1029 per Week​

Dementia Care allowing your loved one to remain at home. Our highly trained, professional care staff present an affordable, high quality option.

Domicilary Care with Gentleman
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A Helping Hand Around the House

Our care staff are on hand to help with running the household including:
Caring for Pets
Washing (Dishes & Clothes)

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Personal Care &

We understand that sometimes an inability to complete personal hygiene tasks such as bathing, washing, toileting etc can have a huge mental impact.
Our staff will be on hand to help with this, improving dignity and confidence.


Companionship & Personal Assistance

Mental Wellbeing is at the heart of everything our carers do. Creating new socialising opportunities, facilitating the maintenance of existing friendships and providing companionship to reduce loneliness all fall within the daily remit of our staff.

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Complex illnesses can come with complex medication schedules. Our staff will be on hand to offer medication reminders in addition to ensuring healthy food is prepared and sufficient water is consumed , alongside exercise wherever possible.