We would like to thank the clients and NOK’s who took part in our telephone audit over the period of May and June this year. The past 18 months have been challenging and unprecedented due to the pandemic, and we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We contacted 45% of our clients or their NOK’s to request their feedback on various aspects of their package of care. This information affords us the opportunity to provide the best possible care to our clients and allows us to implement improvements on an ongoing basis ensuring we are taking on board your views, wants and needs in order to ensure clients safety.

We aim to meet the 5 Key Lines of Enquiry as stated by the Care Quality Commission:

  1. Are they safe?
  2. Are they effective?
  3. Are they caring?
  4. Are they responsive to people’s needs?
  5. Are they well led?

Our questions have therefore been formulated to ensure that the above key lines of enquiry are met. Overall, we found that the majority of our clients and their family members are happy with the service that we provided over the COVID- 19 pandemic; having answered ‘Yes’ to the questions asked to them. We received several wonderful comments and proposed suggestions to enhance the service which have been formulated into an action plan which will be discussed with Managers on the 30th June 2021 during our monthly meeting. If you would like a copy of the action plan, please feel free to contact Emma Coulstock at emma@constantiacare.co.uk or call the office on 0207 624 9966.

We are continually evolving and learning new ways to deliver a high standard of care.

Our 2nd Quality Assurance survey of 2021 has given us an average score of 98.8% in positive feedback from our clients and their NOK’s.

We were delighted to receive a 100% positive ‘Yes’ response on 9 of the 12 questions posed to our clients or their NOK’s in our 2nd audit of the year. Please see below the audit questions and the details of questions 1, 5 and 6. We have also included some of the generous comments we received from our clients and NOK’s.

The Constantia Care Team would like to say a thank you for taking the time to speak with us and for your constructive feedback and generous comments. Please feel free to contact us at any time with further feedback.
Please find a summary for the audit questions below.

Accessible Information Standard (AIS): Constantia Care adheres to the AIS. We have an obligation to ensure that any information we are sharing with you is accessible based on your communication needs. We will be able to provide you with the appropriate information and tools so that you can communicate effectively with us so please let us know if you would like a specific format of communication e.g. larger font, brail, audio recording, British sign language, email, telephone. You can contact us on 02076249966 via email at info@constantiacare.co.uk, or via our website chat portal online at www.constantiacare.co.uk.

Audit Questions:

  1. Does the carer ensure that you or your loved one receives care that promotes their independence?
  2. Are you or your loved one is treated kindly and with respect?
  3. Do you or your loved one receive the care and support they need?
  4. Is your, or your loved one’s privacy respected?
  5. Does the carer ensure opportunity to engage in activities?
  6. Do you or your loved one have choice and control of their life?
  7. Do you feel the quality of the cooking/ food prepared by the carer is of good quality?
  8. Are any specific complaints dealt with appropriately and timeously?
  9. Do you feel that you have good support and communication with the agency?
  10. Is the safety and security of the clients home correctly maintained by the carer?
  11. Do you feel that Constantia care have done their upmost to ensure your safety during the current COVID- 19 Pandemic?
  12. Do you feel that Constantia Care have kept you up to date with changes to guidance in relation to COVID- 19?
  1. Does the carer ensure that you or your loved one receives care that promotes their independence?

Some of our clients or their NOK’s felt that this question did not reflect the care requirements of their loved ones as full assistance is required with all daily tasks; however, we ensure that choice and activities are offered at every opportunity in order to promote independence in all its facets at every opportunity. Moving forward we will ensure that each question is worded more carefully to reflect the needs of each client.  

All office staff and carers complete refresher training annually where independence is highlighted and promoted. In turn this enables our clients to live the life they choose, whilst upholding their dignity and respect.

  1. Does the carer ensure opportunity to engage in activities?

Our audit results showed that the majority of our clients or their NOK feel that the carer gives the client the opportunity to engage in activities. The feedback received highlighted that since the initial lockdown there has been less external activities available to clients; that some clients are less able to participate in activities and that on occasion NOK’s have to encourage the carer to initiate alternative activities.

During the lockdowns we sent our carers alternative activities, on a daily basis, that they could use to encourage their clients to engage in, within the home; we had very positive feedback from clients, NOK’s and carers. Our training department will be resending out an activities document to all working carers in early July, this will include ideas on potential activities and the importance of promoting these within the package of care.

  1. Do you or your loved one have choice and control of their life?

We were very happy to know that 95.45% of our clients or their NOK felt that they had choice and control of their life. Following on from question 1, some of the NOK’s questioned did not feel that this question reflected the package of care in place for their loved one. As mentioned above moving forward we will ensure that each question within our audits will reflect the particular needs of the client; however choice will always be offered at every opportunity to ensure dignity and self-esteem.  

Client Comments:

Communication with the agency is very good, I have never been let down by Constantia Care. The agency has put in the appropriate measures during the pandemic.’



 ‘The carer promotes independence, treats me with respect and allows choice. Overall, I am delighted with the care I am receiving, my carer B does a fantastic job.

AM Client


 ‘I am very content with the agency. RP has been with Constantia for 5 years now and any issues have always been dealt with.’’


‘Very happy with the care we are currently receiving. My mum does not seem to have any complaints and seems happy.’


‘DS loves her carer and they get on like a house on fire, they have a really good laugh, she (the carer) has a good balance with my mum. The carer makes sure that they have planned activities, she respects my mum and ensures she receives the care she needs.’


‘I am very happy and satisfied with the care I receive. The carer is lovely and always checks everything with me.’
ZC Client


‘I couldn’t be happier with my carer. She is first class and I receive the care and support I need. I am very happy with P (Care Coordinator) who is always available to me.’

EM Client


‘J (the carer) has been really good, we are really happy with her. B (Care Coordinator) has looked after us really well and she is really easy to work with.’


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