The Growing Tiny House Movement

The tiny home movement is well underway in the US, Australia and Canada.

Yet in Britain, we’re only just catching on. We know people are intrigued by tiny houses –we only need to watch an episode or two of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces TV show. We’re a nation that has learned to love glamping – and actively seek a different style of living with more emphasis on materials, affordability, eco-friendliness, and materials used – without compromising on comfort. But the tiny house movement isn’t just about holidays.

The housing crisis in the UK is dire. Shelter reports that the cost of an average home is seven times the average annual salary. However, even if people could afford suitable housing, there simply isn’t enough of it to meet population demands. The Economic Affairs Committee ‘Building More Homes’ report stated that we as a nation need to be building 300,000 newhomesper year. In the 2016/17 financial year, 217,350 new homes were built. This seems like good news because unlike previous years it has beaten the government’s target, but according to the Building More Homes report, it’s still woefully short of what is actually needed. We need a radical shift in thinking. We need the tiny homemovement.

Tiny homes are ideal for a range of housing solutions including:

Tiny houses are a valuable solution for many. However, realistically, not everyone is suited to tiny living. The sleeping space is most frequently in a loft space, and entrance to the cabin requires mounting steps. Therefore, they won’t suit the elderly or the infirm. Our smallest 14ft x 8ft one bedroom tiny houses are ideal for singles and couples. Our largest tiny homes are 22ft x 8ft and can accommodate up to four bedrooms, making them ideal for shared accommodation or families, even with the family pet!

If you’re looking for a simpler way of life without compromising on your levels of comfort, then tiny houses are for you. Furthermore, if you’re after a different approach to holidays or extending your traditional living space, then they suit the vast majority of people.

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