Constantia Care is proud to commence domiciliary care services within the boroughs of Barnet, Haringey and Enfield at the popular request of our current live in care clients.

Constantia Care Ltd established in 2013 as a specialised live-in care provider and since then having grown from strength to strength within this sector have now branched out to Constantia Domiciliary Care, providing a regulated and personalised service to our clients.

The ethos of Constantia Care Ltd is to enable our clients to live the life that they chose in the comfort of their own homes, respecting equality and diversity and ensuring their needs are met with the highest standard of care.

Our fully vetted, trained, DBS’d carers will arrive to each visit by car, avoiding all public transport to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both our clients and our carers.


Domicilary Care in action

Domiciliary Care Pricing

Starting at:

£24.50 per hour

Domiciliary care is provided to people who still live in their own homes but require additional support with specific activities including household tasks, personal care and any other activity that allows them to maintain both their independence and quality of life.

Regular home visits from a fully trained, vetted, experienced care worker, from a minimum of 60 minutes through to several hours a day, can be arranged to help you or your loved one with a wide range of everyday tasks.

We are able to offer a free, no obligation face to face assessment by one of our assessors, this can be carried out via Zoom or by phone call at your request.

If a care package is agreed you will be assigned a dedicated care co-ordinator to ensure ongoing personal support.

We have a dedicated 24 hour helpline in case of any emergencies.

Domicilary Care in a tunic

Here’s an outline of our domiciliary care  fees:

  • Prices start from £24.50 per hour for one-to-one personal home care Flexible costs for visits lasting from 60 minutes
  • Prices depend on your location and specific care needs, with differences for overnight care and support provided during weekends and bank holidays
  • Call-out fee of £3.50 per visit to cover travel costs
  • As a regulated service we are able to accept direct payments if you are receiving funding through social services.
Constantia Care House

A Helping Hand Around the House

Our care staff are on hand to help with running the household including:
Caring for Pets
Washing (Dishes & Clothes)

Constantia Care Essentials

Personal Care &

We understand that sometimes an inability to complete personal hygiene tasks such as bathing, washing, toileting etc can have a huge mental impact.
Our staff will be on hand to help with this, improving dignity and confidence.


Companionship & Personal Assistance

Mental Wellbeing is at the heart of everything our carers do. Creating new socialising opportunities, facilitating the maintenance of existing friendships and providing companionship to reduce loneliness all fall within the daily remit of our staff.

Constantia Care Doctors


Complex illnesses can come with complex medication schedules. Our staff will be on hand to offer medication reminders in addition to ensuring healthy food is prepared and sufficient water is consumed , alongside exercise wherever possible.

How to Initiate Domiciliary Care

  1. Contact our office on 0207 624 9966.
  2. Arrange an assessment.
  3. Agree to a personalised care package.
  4. Personalised care plan to be created around your loved ones needs and wants.
  5. Suitable carer profiles to be sent to the client or their NOK.
  6. Care to to commence.

As a supplier of live-in care, we understand the needs of our clients in relation to activities, companionship, and enablement to lead a full and varied life. Constantia domiciliary care carers are fully trained in these aspects of care alongside the physical care requirements. The client’s specific needs  and wants will be carried out during the assessment and a suitable carer  with likeminded interests will be found. The carer profiling enables us to ensure that not only are the care requirements met but that the carer will provide the required companionship and offer emotional support, encouragement and reassurance.

Domicilary Care from Companionship to more intensive support
Domicilary Care with Gentleman

Why choose domiciliary care over a care home?

Constantia Care are specialised live-in care agency and in our experience our clients have felt far more familiar and safer within their own home, surrounded by their personal effects, and

loved ones. Domiciliary care can facilitate the general decline of a person and assist with personal care, medication management, household tasks or any other activity in order for that to happen.

One of the main benefits of domiciliary care is that it provides a substantial level of support without impacting on your loved one’s independence.

Our personalised care plans that are updated on an ongoing basis can also accommodate for existing routines and special circumstances, which means minimal upheaval or changes to your or your loved ones existing schedule.

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