Government Aid

Attendance Allowance

This is a tax-free benefit for people who are physically or mentally disabled who need someone to look after or supervise them.
You have to have had care or supervision for at least 6 months before being eligible.
You also need to be over 65 years old.
The rate varies between £53.00 and £79.15 per week.
Claim straight away so that you do not lose out. THIS IS NOT MEANS TESTED.
Call the Benefit Enquiry Line for advice: 0800 882 200

Disability Living Allowance

You may get this is if you are under 65 years of age.
The rate varies between £21.00 and £79.15 per week, with an additional mobility component of between £21.00 and £55.25 per week.
Call the Benefit Enquiry Line for advice: 0800 882 200

State Funding

If you have capital less than £14,250 (excluding your house) you can get full funding.
This could be by Councils paying directly for your care or by direct payments, where you are given the money to make arrangements for the care you require.
If you have capital (excluding your house) under £23,250 but more than £14,250 you might get partial funding.
If you have capital over £23,250 (excluding your house) you are known as a SELF FUNDER and have to pay for your care.

Independent Financial Advice

This is to support people to continue to live at home.
To be eligible you must:
Be between 16 and 66 years of age.
Your assets must be less than £23,250.00
Receive the highest rate of Disability Allowance.
Get at least £340.00 per week from your local authority.
Have capital of £18,500 or less
For advice ring: 0845 601 8815

Check the adviser has The Later Life Adviser Accreditation
Ideally liaise with someone who belongs to SOLLA – The Society of Late Life Advisers We recommend Andrew Dixson-Smith of Care Fees Investment Ltd
Tel: 0845 077 5655

Free & Pre-payment Prescriptions

These are only for NHS prescriptions
If you are over 65 your medication is free.
If you have cancer you will receive medication free.
If you receive a pre-payment prescription you make considerable savings. Charge is £104 for 12 months.
Telephone 0845 850 0030

Council tax Allowance

If you live on your own you are automatically entitled to a “Sole Occupancy Discount” of 25% reduction in your Council tax.